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Choker c/o Hellaholics // Crescent Moon Necklace c/o KillstarCo // Forever 21 Bustier // Novella Royale Janis Bells // Thrifted Belt 

Extensions c/o Lush Hair Extensions

You're looking at my one and only Cyber Monday purchase, finally got my hands on a pair of Novella Royale Janis Bells! I patiently saved up just enough money to get these babies for 50% off on Cyber Monday off of their website. The color & pattern is intensely awesome. The only thing I'm a little sad about is the bell. The bell is somewhat big but not over-exaggerated as I like my bells, more like the PYLO bells I own. So if you're looking to get your own pair I'd suggest PYLO as they're considerably cheaper and have a skinny leg and huuge bell on the bottom! Other than that these NR bells are preetty kewl!

Also got in a brand new silky smooth set of extensions from the lovely people over at Lush Hair Extensions! I died the heck out of my last ones so its nice to get a fresh new pair. These ones are 26 inches and are bleach blonde. They don't quite match my hair yet but I have some great plans in store for these so stay tuned!